15 Jun 2017

Albumedix to host webinar on drug formulation

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05 Jan 2017

Press release - Albumedix CEO to present at the 35th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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04 Jan 2017

Press Release – Albumedix Appoints Chief Medical Officer.

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19 Dec 2016

Scientific news - Nature Communications: Albumedix and collaborators from Cambridge University publi…

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06 Dec 2016

Press Release – Albumedix and NYU School of Medicine to Investigate Targeting Novel Cellular Pathway…

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Drug Formulation

Albumedix has developed a range of high-quality, animal origin-free recombinant human albumin products, Recombumin®, from our proprietary Saccharomyces yeast strains. Recombumin® is the world's first and only supply of commercial recombinant human albumin, approved for use in the manufacture of human therapeutics.

Proven as an effective versatile stabilizer with the ability to protect challenging drug, cell and vaccine products from aggregation, non-specific adsorption, and oxidation, Recombumin® enables drug developers to readily formulate otherwise instable drug candidates and to simplify their formulation strategy. As a result, the unique technology offers a fast, established pathway to clinic and ultimately to market.

Drug Delivery

Delivered by Albumedix and its partners, the Veltis® platform optimizes drug dosing through its ability to control dose size and frequency as well as drug loading. These effects are achieved using recombinant human albumin and albumin variants implemented by genetic fusion or chemical conjugation to drug candidates.

Veltis® offers drug developers a superior and highly versatile drug delivery platform that presents new opportunities to optimize the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of their peptides, proteins or small molecule drugs to achieve stricter patient compliance for improved therapeutic impact.

Next event

DMDG/GMP Open Meeting

 Meet up with Albumedix at the 2017 DMDG/GMP Open Meeting

Date TBA - September