At the heart of Albumedix and its products and technologies is albumin - a unique molecule with excellent biochemical properties.

Albumin's long history of use dates back to the 1940’s. Originally prepared from pooled plasma, its unique properties have been exploited in a range of medical applications including plasma volume expansion, detoxification, imaging/diagnostics, medical device coating and therapeutic peptide and protein stabilization.

Human albumin is the most abundant protein in plasma, constituting 60% of total plasma protein. In the human body, albumin is responsible for the maintenance of oncotic pressure, contributes to the maintenance of plasma pH and the distribution of a variety of endogenous and exogenous ligands.    

The distinctive heart shaped albumin molecule is composed of a series of α-helices organized into three homologous domains.  It is composed of 585 amino acids, and has a high abundance of charged amino acid residues which make it highly soluble. Albumin contains 17 disulphide bonds which gives the albumin molecule excellent stability, and makes it resilient to environmental stress. The albumin molecule also contains multiple hydrophobic binding sites, where chemicals bind and are transported around the body.

Research around the Albumin molecule has increased dramatically during the past decade (read more). A number of albumin binding proteins and receptors have been identified, and it has been demonstrated that these have an important role in the transport of albumin between different compartments as well as its internalization, degradation, salvage and recycling. Most well understood is the interaction of albumin with the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) and the impact that this receptor has on the long serum half-life of the albumin molecule (which is approximately 19 days).

Combining the natural properties of albumin with more than 30 years' of scientific knowledge on its unique biology  and the commercial scale production of cGMP recombinant albumin, Albumedix has developed a range of recombinant albumin products and technologies that enable drug developers to create safer and more effective products.

Read more about our Recombumin® portfolio of recombinant albumin products (read more), formulated to maintain the unique properties of albumin to enhance drug and vaccine stabilization, vaccine processing and cell therapy formulation.

Read more about our Veltis® drug delivery platform (read more), engineered to optimize the unique drug carrier properties of albumin for improved drug dosing and ultimately patient compliance.



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