Albumin drug conjugates

Improving the delivery of drug candidates with conjugation to Veltis®

Preclinical and clinical data demonstrate that albumin can be used to deliver payloads (small molecules and proteins/peptides) linked to albumin to solid tumors or sites of inflammation. Studies suggest that albumin accumulation is driven by EPR (Enhanced Permeability and Retention), due to leaky tumor vasculature and lack of lymphatic drainage, as well as albumin being utilized as an energy source, and interaction with receptors.

At Albumedix we have developed a portfolio of engineered albumin variants, Veltis® with modulated affinity of albumin receptors as well as increased drug loading.
There are several albumin receptors; these have an important role in the transport of albumin between compartments as well as its internalization, degradation, salvage and recycling. The Albumedix’ albumin variants, with altered affinity for the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn), provide extended serum half-life and potentially increased drug exposure to tumors.

Further, by chemical conjugation Albumedix’ albumin variants offers the possibility for the attachment of more than one payload to albumin. This gives a broad window for linking multiple drug candidates, targeting or imaging moieties to albumin. Benefits of this include increased drug potency and/or active targeting.
Combining the established knowledge around tumor accumulation by albumin with the Veltis drug delivery platform opens the opportunity to develop next-generation drug conjugates.

Together with partners and collaborators, Albumedix seeks to unlock the full potential of the albumin molecule to create superior therapeutics.  



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