Half-Life Extension


Increasing half-life extension with our optimized drug delivery technology Veltis®

Veltis ® is used in CSL Behring's rIX-FP (Idelvion®), a recombinant coagulation factor IX albumin fusion protein for the treatment of Hemophilia B. Enabled by Veltis® Idelvion® delivers greater than 5-fold longer half-life compared to other FIX products, supporting prophylaxis treatment intervals up to every 14 days. (Idelvion is a trademark of CSL Behring).

Delivered by Albumedix and its partners, Veltis® technology optimizes drug dosing through its ability to increase drug half-life and drug accumulation. These effects are achieved using the recombinant albumins available in the Veltis® platform implemented by genetic fusion or chemical conjugation to the drug candidate. Veltis® is a clinically-proven technology based on recombinant albumins that allows drug developers to control small molecule, peptide or protein dosing (size and frequency) to achieve stricter patient compliance for improved therapeutic impact. Albumin has a natural long half-life due to its size and recycling pathway in endothelial cells through binding to the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn). Through engineered albumin variants, Veltis® significantly alters the receptor binding affinity and, as a result, the half-life of albumin and the drug candidate attached to the albumin variants.

Veltis®, a half-life extension technology based on recombinant human albumin and engineered albumins, is designed to provide dosing regimen optimization of peptides, proteins, and small molecule drugs. This has the potential to translate into once-weekly, once two-weekly or once-monthly dosing regimens. These capabilities mean that Veltis® can support improved patient adherence for increased therapeutic impact and reduced safety risks.

The Veltis® platform includes engineered albumin variants that are able to more than double the already long half-life of native human albumin.

Albumedix is a credible technology developer with a strong heritage and track record in innovation and commercial recombinant albumin supply. In addition to being developed by world-leading science and expertise, the half-life extension technology is backed up by Albumedix's deep technical and regulatory support. 

Veltis® offers many unique benefits to drug development, including:

  • Differentiated drug performance through improved patient dosing
  • Clinically proven to provide significant half-life improvement over other delivery technologies
  • Predictable and scalable commercial manufacturing in a wide range of modalities
  • Long intellectual property rights life beyond 2030 based on valid granted patent claims and Albumedix’s know-how
  • Low risk of adverse events (high safety)

Our Veltis® technology can be robustly manufactured at commercial scale via a number of production modalities. These include genetic fusion - using a variety of microbial and animal cell hosts - and chemical conjugation.

Albumedix can readily generate albumin fusions that are suitable for expression in yeast. In addition, together with our conjugation service partners Albumedix can provide stable drug candidates that are chemically coupled to albumin. We offer high yielding and efficient chemical conjugation based on next-generation maleimide chemistry and our unique albumin formulations that facilitate high monomer and free thiol level.

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