Recombumin®, Albumedix’s high-quality recombinant albumin products give your hard-to-stabilize biologicals a fast, clear path to clinic.

Albumedix has developed a range of high-quality, animal origin-free recombinant human albumin products, Recombumin®, from our proprietary Saccharomyces yeast strains. Recombumin® is the world's first and only supply of commercial recombinant human albumin, approved for use in the manufacture of human therapeutics.

As a proven effective versatile stabilizer with the ability to protect challenging drug, cell and vaccine products from aggregation, non-specific adsorption, and oxidation, Recombumin® enables drug developers to readily formulate otherwise instable drug candidates and to simplify their formulation strategy.

If you would like to learn more about Recombumin®, you are always welcome to watch our on demand webinar by following this link: 

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Translating natural properties into key customer benefits:

  • Recombumin® readily adsorbs to both hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces preventing non-specific adsorption of biopharmaceuticals during manufacture, formulation and storage.
  • Recombumin® prevents aggregation and particle formation of therapeutic proteins and peptides. By dispersing uniformly in a solution it affords an insulating quality  that minimizes physical drug instability.
  • Given its natural free thiol group, Recombumin® protects biotherapeutics by scavenging against modification through oxidation stress when in formulation.

As the stabilizing effect of Recombumin® may exceed and/or supplement that of conventional excipients, a number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies are currently using and evaluating the technology in marketed, as well as clinical-stage, drug and vaccine candidates (read more).

Our trusted portfolio of recombinant albumin products have been designed specifically to help pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers deliver safe and affordable products in a variety of applications, such as drug and vaccine stabilization, vaccine processing and cell therapy formulation.

With unsurpassed cGMP quality that meets the highest regulatory standards as well as supply security, Albumedix’s Recombumin® products have a proven track record of contributing to the superiority of our partners’ products and the efficiency with which they are approved.

These qualities combined mean that Albumedix’s Recombumin® products deliver the reliability that our partners need when looking to commercialize their products and technologies.




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