Corporate news - Albumedix joins UCL's Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

10 Oct 2017

Corporate News: Nottingham, United Kingdom: Albumedix joins University College London’s (UCL’s) Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub along with a number of other industrial partners and academic institutions

The purpose of the Hub is to address the manufacturing, business and regulatory challenges to ensure that new targeted biological medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at a cost affordable to society.

The base of this initiative is UCL Biochemical Engineering, and furthermore engages a number of other leading academics across the UK. This national asset is valued in excess of £20M over 7 years (2017–2024

The research will cover a range of areas, from protein medicines aimed at specific patient groups to personalized cell-based therapies.

Albumedix provides our recombinant human albumin to support research on the co-formulation of proteins and the analytical tools needed.  

We hope to continue our involvement and support this great initiative to reach the goal of creating sustainable manufacturing of future targeted biotherapeutics.


Albumedix Chief Scientific Officer, Darrell Sleep comments: “We have had many years involvement with UCL and joining this industrial/academic collaboration allows Albumedix to collaborate with leading academic centres and international biopharmaceutical companies working in the field of Targeted Biological Medicine Biomanufacturing. Without significant improvements in manufacturing and supply the potential of targeted medicines may not be fully realised. The in-depth knowledge and understanding of our unique products built up over the past 30 years offers potential solutions to the challenges faced by many of those seeking to develop these medicines.  We are looking forward to this exciting opportunity”.  


For more information on the Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub follow this link:



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