Veltis® pipeline

Albumedix’s Veltis® drug delivery platform is used in marketed and late-stage clinical drug candidates. Through our partners, Veltis® has been both clinically and commercially validated for its superior performance in optimizing drug dosing across a range of indications.

In addition to the candidates listed in the below pipeline, Veltis® is currently being evaluated by several biotech and pharmaceutical companies, with a number in late-stage feasibility testing.



Recombumin® pipeline

Similar to our partnered Veltis® drug pipeline, Albumedix’s Recombumin® recombinant albumin products are successfully being used by drug and vaccine developers in more than 10 clinical programs worldwide. This serves as additional validation to the long track-record of superior performance and safety already demonstrated with Recombumin®.



Additionally, Recombumin® is used in several marketed as well as clinical-stage medical device products and cell therapies globally.


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