Working with us

Albumedix seeks partners and collaborators to unlock the full potential of native and engineered albumin to create superior biotherapeutics

Albumedix has already established a range of partnerships and we are constantly seeking new relationships with innovators who share our vision; to create superior albumin-based biotherapeutics for improved patient care.

At Albumedix we work through a simple and agile partnership model that quickly allows customers to evaluate the benefits of our albumin-based products and technologies. The model is based on four overall phases to ensure an effective decision-making process and complete transparency at every stage:

  • Inquiry – after an initial interest has been established, we quickly ensure that the overall areas of interest are aligned and that the right people are involved.
  • Scoping – once the overall objectives are determined, a dedicated group of technical and commercial experts work together with you to outline a more detailed project plan to determine how best to assess the feasibility of our solutions in your application.
  • Feasibility - to evaluate the technical feasibility. Either a joint or individual proof-of-concept study is performed. This can range from simple analytical testing to larger in vivo studies with responsibilities clearly defined and deadlines predetermined.
  • Agreement – following feasibility testing we jointly review the outcome and determine the best way forward, for instance through a supply and/or license agreement.

Albumedix is also interested in pioneering technologies that enhance our offering and internal R&D efforts. Consequently, we are frequently evaluating complementary technologies and have secured strong solution collaborations that are already benefitting our partners.

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