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Innovation Services

Not sure how to fully maximize the benefits of albumin to optimize performance, quality or consistency in your application? Albumedix’ technical experts can help increase your likelihood of technical and commercial success.

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Species Specific Albumin

A more seamless transition into the clinic.  

Complex biopharmaceuticals and advanced therapies can present challenges during preclinical development. When implementing an albumin-based solution, Albumedix can help avoid unnecessary complications in your preclinical testing by creating species-specific recombinant albumins to suit your preclinical models. 

Using our proprietary recombinant expression and bioprocessing platform, we can create a surrogate albumin to match your preclinical model which is consistent with the same high quality, purity and human- and animal-free nature that you can expect from our Recombumin® products. Our species-specific albumins are manufactured in our state-of-the-art Technology Centre to ensure suitability for your preclinical development programs. In using the same albumin production host and representative manufacturing processes, we can help you transition more consistently and seamlessly into the next phase of clinical development. 


Formulation Development 

Unlock the full therapeutic potential of your biopharmaceuticals.  

Albumin is a well-documented, safe, multifunctional formulation excipient for biopharmaceuticals and advanced therapies enabling it to address key formulation and stability challenges not possible with classical formulation strategies.  

What works for you, works for us. Albumedix' scientists can provide customized support to suit your needs; whether it be developing bespoke formulations of recombinant albumin for use within your application or improving your final product formulation with our Recombumin® products. From solving solubility issues, improving stability, enhancing cell viability and cryopreservation through to improving transduction efficiency of viral vector based therapies and vaccines, the possibilities with an albumin-based solution are endless. 


Process Optimization

Drive efficiency in your process to improve overall product performance.  

Not only is albumin’s use as an excipient well-documented in formulation development, it can also offer many benefits during processing to improve both yields and quality. Albumedix is continually researching ways in which our Recombumin® products may improve performance, quality and consistency, meaning we can use our learnings to optimize your process.  

Our albumins may be particularly beneficial in improving cell viability and efficacy throughout the cell therapy production process such as harvesting, expansion, cryopreservation and thawing of your product. Using our albumins and expertise, Albumedix can develop bespoke media tailored for your cells at each process stage in order to maximize success throughout manufacture into storage and beyond. 

Similarly, we have seen benefits of our albumins when used in viral vector manufacture from its production in cell culture, through the downstream processing and into formulation, Recombumin® can be used to improve the yield and quality of your viral vector.  Using our know how, Albumedix can refine how and when Recombumin® is used effectively in the production of viral vectors and vaccines to enhance transduction efficiency, viral integrity and reduced viral aggregation. 


Bespoke Product Manufacture

One size doesn’t fit all – let's find a solution that fits your needs. 

With our longstanding albumin heritage, we can utilize our knowledge and expertise to produce a recombinant albumin as unique as your product and application demand.  

From bespoke formulations to alternative presentations, our dedicated recombinant human albumin GMP manufacturing facilities can meet your needs. Similarly, our state-of-the-art technology centre can accommodate development and production of bespoke recombinant albumin suitable for use in discovery through to preclinical studies.



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