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How Vaccines are Changing the World 2022

Highlighting the manufacture and distribution of albumin, a biological product that is helping to address critical issues in the development, production and formulation of life-saving vaccines.

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Albumedix and Valneva Expand Collaboration to Include Newly Approved Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine

PRESS RELEASE: Valneva’s inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, VLA2001, including Albumedix´ Recombinant Human Albumin (rHA) as an essential component, received regulatory approval from MHRA on April 14th. This marks an expansion of the companies’ existing collaboration and further validates the use of Albumedix Recombumin® rHA products in the manufacturing process and final formulation of critical vaccines.

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Has COVID-19 changed the future of pharmaceutical regulation?

Has COVID-19 revolutionizedthe future of regulation of medicine development and authorization or are we simply responding to an unprecedented global pandemic? Our Head of Regulatory Affairs and Enhanced Services, Harriet Edwards, delves deep on how the pademic changed the industry we work in today.

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Albumedix Ltd. Appoints Joanna Hay as Vice President of Commercial Operations

PRESS RELEASE: Nottingham, UK, 1 September 2021 – Albumedix Ltd. (‘Albumedix’), a globally recognized leader in albumin-based enabling solutions for advanced therapies and next-generation biopharmaceuticals, announced today the appointment of Joanna Hay as Vice President of Commercial Operations, effective as of September 1st, 2021.

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An ideal biomaterial for medical devices: Recombinant Human Albumin

Surface engineering is key for medical devices, particularly the ones that interact with the human body like tubing, catheters, and stents which need to be implanted. It is essential to have strong control on the performance of the coatings, so that everyone is assured that they are uniformly present on the surfaces, that the coatings allow an effective flow of body fluids (such as blood), and that they promote a long lifespan not diminishing or reducing the effectiveness of the medical device in use1 - all of the above, according to the regulation standards, are required to be met by oversight groups.

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Albumedix Ltd. Appoints Mark Kalinowski as Chief Financial Officer

PRESS RELEASE: Nottingham, UK, 2nd August 2021 – Albumedix Ltd. (‘Albumedix’), a globally recognized leader in albumin-based enabling solutions for advanced therapies and next-generation biopharmaceuticals, announced today the appointment of Mark Kalinowski as Chief Financial Officer, effective as of August 2nd, 2021.

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Reflecting on BIO Digital 2021

The BIO Digital 2021 convention attracted thousands of biotech leaders and innovators from around the world with the objective to transform the future of science.

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Recombinant Albumin: A multitalented player on the cell therapy media stage

The treatment or prevention of a disease through the administration of cells that have been selected, manipulated, or altered outside of the body, is defined as cell therapy.

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Reflecting on Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mediterranean Conference, 2021

We virtually sent our European Business Development Director Joanna Hay, as well as Business Development Associates Edward Thornton and Maciej Trybull to catch up with current and future partners in the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) community and listen in on the exciting talks setting the direction of the industry.

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Albumedix extends research collaboration with Cobra Biologics to optimize viral vector manufacturing

Collaboration investigates enhanced manufacturing of AAV and lentiviral vectors to improve quality and productivity for gene therapy and vaccine developers

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'A day in the life of Jo Hay' - Business Development Director

Did you know that unlike other recombinant human albumin manufacturers, Albumedix are so much more than simply ‘an albumin supplier’? When you work with us, you also get access to 100 brilliant minds behind the vial, including a dedicated Business Development Director responsible for managing your account.

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'Dangerous Dave' Phillipsons Paralympic Campaign Continues

Meet Dangerous Dave Phillipson; a formidable, Nottingham based, three-time Paralympian in tennis who took to the water in 2017 and is now paracanoeing his way to Tokyo 2021.

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'A day in the life of Helen' - Senior Research Scientist

Meet Helen Rawsthorne. Helen is a Senior Research Scientist within Albumedix and a truly brilliant example of our many brilliant minds. Presently in her 7th year working for the company, the following interview will take you through Helen's background, her role within Albumedix and give you a sneak preview into what our Technical Group get up to in the day.

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Supporting the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for 12 years

Albumedix are thrilled to be able to continue supporting the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in their endeavours to protect and restore the beautiful environment and wildlife both on our doorstep and across the region.

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'A day in the life of Matt' - Director of Manufacturing Operations

Albumedix is a world leading manufacturer of recombinant human albumin (rHA), and as such our manufacturing plant is the core of our business. As a company, we talk a lot about our rHA products, how they’re useful in different applications and what benefits they can bring to final therapies for patients worldwide. However, we don’t talk as much about the amazing people within our business that make the magic happen.

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Christmas 'Capping Off' Ceremony

In December, Albumedix held a 'Capping off Ceremony' to celebrate the brand new, four-storey manufacturing plant extension being confirmed as watertight!

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