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Albumedix enters into collaboration agreement with Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Albumedix Ltd. (‘Albumedix’), an enabler of advanced therapies and the world leader in recombinant human albumin (rAlb), announced today that they have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) to investigate the use of Albumedix´ proprietary albumin-based solutions for advanced therapy applications, including viral vectors manufacturing.

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Reflecting on Fierce JPM and Biotech Showcase 2021

Already a month into the year 2021 and we are picking up where we left off, while looking forward to a year where we can get a bit more back to normal.

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Albumin: The Natural Choice for Diagnostic Tests

The current global pandemic has shined a light on the importance of diagnostic testing, especially for COVID-19. As the coronavirus continues to sweep across the globe, it has never been more vital to focus efforts on identifying those infected with the disease to delay and halt the spread of infection. A coordinated effort is needed to accelerate research and, whilst vaccine roll-out is still only in the early stages, the world is more cognizant of how reliable diagnostic testing is a valuable tool to save lives.

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Albumedix submits Drug Master Files for its products in Japan.

Albumedix Ltd. (‘Albumedix’), the world leader in recombinant human albumin (rHA), announced today the submission of Drug Master Files (DMFs) to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) in Japan.

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Reflecting on the virtual American Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit, 2020

Approximately one month ago our American Business Development Directors, Gary Willingham and Brian MacDonald, participated in the virtual American Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit. Albumedix has been a long-standing supporter of both the American and European DDF Summits and as such, we always look forward to catching up with collaborators and industry partners - although this time virtually.

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'A day in the life of Jo Hay' - Business Development Director

Did you know that unlike other recombinant human albumin manufacturers, Albumedix are so much more than simply ‘an albumin supplier’? When you work with us, you also get access to 100 brilliant minds behind the vial, including a dedicated Business Development Director responsible for managing your account.

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Reflecting on Bio Integrates 2020

Last week, our CEO (Jonas Skjødt Møller) participated in a virtual strategy panel discussion at the Bio Integrates 2020 conference to discuss the still urgently pressing issue on how to overcome the apparent scalability and health economic challenges associated with advanced therapies. Speaking in the panel was other experts from within the field, including:

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Jonas S. Møller contributes to PharmaVOICE '2021 Year in Preview'

Acknowledging the "tumultuous year" 2020 has proven to be, PharmaVOICE recently pulled together an interesting review piece, featuring input from several industry experts such as Albumedix CEO; Jonas S. Møller.

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Product format survey; have your say!

In a constant effort to understand the use of albumin and the market needs, we would appreciate your feedback in this short product format survey. If you have a few minutes spare to provide your opinion, we can continue to adapt our product offering to ensure you have exactly what you need to make your therapy safe, successful & out to market quickly.

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Albumin: The Natural Choice for Your Medical Device

With the number of new medical devices being developed at an all-time high and commercial successes making global headline news, the industry is booming. But this promising growth comes with underlying challenges.

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'Dangerous Dave' Phillipsons Paralympic Campaign Continues

Meet Dangerous Dave Phillipson; a formidable, Nottingham based, three-time Paralympian in tennis who took to the water in 2017 and is now paracanoeing his way to Tokyo 2021.

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'A day in the life of Helen' - Senior Research Scientist

Meet Helen Rawsthorne. Helen is a Senior Research Scientist within Albumedix and a truly brilliant example of our many brilliant minds. Presently in her 7th year working for the company, the following interview will take you through Helen's background, her role within Albumedix and give you a sneak preview into what our Technical Group get up to in the day.

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Not all albumins are created equal

As cutting-edge drugs such as viral vectors, cancer vaccines and oncolytic virotherapies make their way through the development pipeline, medical science stands on the brink of an unseen revolution. However, the life-changing potential of such innovative, virus-based therapies is not without challenges.

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Supporting the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for 12 years

Albumedix are thrilled to be able to continue supporting the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust in their endeavours to protect and restore the beautiful environment and wildlife both on our doorstep and across the region.

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'A day in the life of Matt' - Director of Manufacturing Operations

Albumedix is a world leading manufacturer of recombinant human albumin (rHA), and as such our manufacturing plant is the core of our business. As a company, we talk a lot about our rHA products, how they’re useful in different applications and what benefits they can bring to final therapies for patients worldwide. However, we don’t talk as much about the amazing people within our business that make the magic happen.

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Christmas 'Capping Off' Ceremony

In December, Albumedix held a 'Capping off Ceremony' to celebrate the brand new, four-storey manufacturing plant extension being confirmed as watertight!

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