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Placing Students at the Heart of Albumedix

Our Market Development Team within Albumedix were looking to carry out an extensive market analysis project into one of the many albumin application areas; in order to obtain information and challenge our current perceptions. Incorporating two postgraduate students into this project allowed us to make quick progress and benefit from an expert external perspective simultaneously.

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Albumedix Ground-Breaking Ceremony

May 8th marked a big day in Albumedix’s history. Holding a traditional ground-breaking ceremony; our workforce, builders and contractors all gathered to watch Peter Rosholm (Chief Executive Officer) and Stuart Woodward (Chief Manufacturing Officer) take the first official step towards the company’s expansion.

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Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit (DDF) EU

Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit (DDF) EU Berlin - March 11th - 13th

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8th American Drug Formulation and Delivery Summit

September 10th - 11th, San Francisco

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#CelebratingAlbumin no. IV

#CelebratingAlbumin Did you know that the shape of albumin is actually a heart? A more beautiful protein structure is difficult to come by and was initially discovered back in 1992, based on one of Albumedix’ recombinant human albumins. In this week’s story, we have dug out some of the original articles and look into the importance these early discoveries in albumin structure had on todays impact of albumin in patient health.

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New Cancer Target Identified for Albumin Enabled Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

PRESS RELEASE: Aarhus, Denmark, and Nottingham, UK, June 26th, 2018 – Aarhus University's Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO) and Albumedix Ltd. (‘Albumedix’) have entered into a strategic research collaboration to evaluate the transport properties of albumin for site-selective drug delivery into disease cells to ensure more efficient and safer treatment for patients.

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#CelebratingAlbumin no. III

#CelebratingAlbumin In this week’s story, the third in the series, we will be diving into the difference between #Albumin and #Albumen – words that only differs in an “i” or “e” but with a huge difference in meaning. Albumen referring to all water-soluble proteins and albumin – a specific protein found in blood plasma. Though undoubtedly a lot of interesting albumen proteins exist, it is this specific and wonderful protein – albumin - that we have spent the last 30 years exploring and will continue to in the pursuit towards Better Health.

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#CelebratingAlbumin no. II

#CelebratingAlbumin To kick-off the celebration of albumin we will be taking you on a walk down memory lane by sharing some interesting facts and stories about albumin and its origin. Did you for example know that the history of albumin dates all the way back to the year 400 – discoveries and information still used to this day! We celebrate albumin because of its rich history and vast possibilities and in today’s story we bring focus on some of the historical albumin pioneers like #Hippocrates and #Paracelsus. In Albumedix we aspire to continue this pioneering spirit within the field of albumin, with the hope of creating Better Health for patients.

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#CelebratingAlbumin no. I

#CelebratingAlbumin The most abundant human protein with an amazing history, yet often overlooked. Obviously, we are talking about albumin – a protein that has already played a key role in achieving Better Health for patients and still manages to amaze with its wealth of unique properties. Clearly, it deserves a celebration! At Albumedix we have made albumin the cornerstone of our company and the way by which our dedication towards Better Health is achieved. Over the coming months, we will share some of the rich history and remarkable benefits that albumin provides as we strive to increase our understanding even more in order to unravel its full potential. Follow us on our continuing journey towards understanding albumin better and its ability to create Better Health for patients.

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Naturally designed to carry out multiple vital functions in the human body, albumin’s unique properties offer unlimited potential in the field of medical science. After 30 years exploring albumin biology we still strive to learn more.

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Going beyond standard formulation strategies. Our Recombumin® portfolio of recombinant human albumin products, enables the effective formulation of otherwise hard-to-stabilize drug, vaccine and cell therapies.

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Albumedix’ proprietary Veltis® technology platform offer new ways of enhancing therapeutic performance of active pharmaceutical agents by optimizing drug dosing, delivery and effect.

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Albumedix partnered pipeline


Albumedix has established a strong portfolio of valued partnerships. Our products and technologies are leveraged by partners across multiple indications and range from early-stage to marketed therapeutics.

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